What are the common implementation issues that LINC sees?

If you’re considering a project with LINC, you know you will invest time and money into some important school improvements you value.  So it’s only human to wonder, what can I do to help ensure the success of this project?  What do I need to think about upfront to maximize our ability to attain our goals?  To help you be proactive, let me share 3 common challenges that our partners face.

The first challenge we sometimes see is limited engagement by leadership. Leaders must be fully committed to their own learning and invest time and energy into the improvement process alongside faculty. Transformation projects can only be successful if leaders are willing to lead by example and show their own commitment to growth and development. Successful implementation happens when leaders embed themselves in the learning alongside their team.

The second common issue is the absence of culture of innovation. Resistance to innovation can be a significant barrier to success when you’re trying to introduce new strategies. To overcome this, education leaders need to foster a culture of innovation and celebrate failure as a crucial part of the learning process. This means creating an environment that is conducive to risk-taking and encourages experimentation. 

Finally, the third challenge is creating systems for improvement. A shared approach to improvement is essential to the success of your transformational learning initiative. Consider forming transformation teams. Re-energize professional learning communities. Creating weekly opportunities for staff to learn together and hold each other accountable. These simple systems and processes will go a long way in ensuring success.

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