Why does most professional development fail to improve classrooms?

As educators, we all strive to improve our practice and make a positive impact on our students. But often, professional development fails to make a real impact in the classroom. So, why does this happen?

One reason is resistance to change. Traditional professional development doesn't do enough to address mindsets and motivate teachers to try new strategies, leading to stalled innovation.

Another reason is the one-size-fits-all approach. Each teacher is unique and has different needs, but most professional development doesn't cater to their individuality, resulting in limited development.

Additionally, professional development can be expensive and not cost-effective. Despite the cost, it can result in no noticeable change in classroom practice or student success.

At LINC, we believe that real change starts with shifting mindsets. Our coaches work with educators to expand their approach to instruction, reflect on their views of students, and develop new strategies to engage students in deep learning.

We also believe in banishing boredom with meaningful learning. Teachers work with coaches, participate in workshops, and use asynchronous content to shift to blended, project-based, and other innovative learning models designed to better engage students.

Our solutions are not only less costly than traditional professional development programs, but they also support systemic improvement. This way, leaders can support a cultural shift with an entire school community, empowering broad impact and transformation.

At LINC, we understand the challenges facing educators today and are committed to creating innovative solutions that inspire and motivate teachers, empower students to be active participants in their learning, and build equitable approaches in the classroom. Partner with us and discover the benefits for yourself.

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