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Innovation in Classrooms

Why not?


As teachers, we take on unimaginable responsibilities. They range from greeting our students to protecting them in safety aspects. We must also keep up with changes in classroom policies, curriculum, ...

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ChatGPT ensures all students have equal opportunity to learn by providing a translation service so those who don't speak the same language can still understand the content. This valuable technology ...

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Education is continually evolving, and with AI tools like ChatGPT, educators can open doors of opportunity for their students. From using these tools in personalized learning activities to creating ...

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Educators have all been victims of some pretty boring professional development over the years. Regardless of their role or experience, teachers are thrust into a big room together where an “expert” ...

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A few weeks ago with the release of ChatGPT, there was a frenzy about the impact it would have on the world, especially learning. Some school systems figured out ways to circumvent the technology, ...

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