How is LINC different from traditional online learning providers?

Educators have all been victims of some pretty boring professional development over the years. Regardless of their role or experience, teachers are thrust into a big room together where an “expert” talks at them. It’s efficient, but it’s not effective. It’s definitely not personalized. And it never changes classroom practice.

If you’ve taken online learning modules before, you know that most of those just replicate the professional development events I described.  Content is shared and quizzes are given, modeling more bad instruction. These online modules ensure compliance, but they never inspire innovation or improvement.

LINC is revolutionizing the way professionals learn and grow in their careers. Through our impact-driven approach, we begin by focusing on outcomes– asking how the classroom should look different at the end. From there, we build a personalized learning approach that ensures every teacher can succeed.

LINCspring, our virtual coaching and professional learning platform, offers a unique and personalized learning experience tailored to the specific needs of each user. Built on nearly two decades of Stanford University research by Dr. Arnetha Ball, LINCspring invites educators to consider new ideas [SPARK], reflect on student needs and current classroom practices [REFLECT], consider and apply new strategies of their choosing [Tinker], and then reflect on what happened when they put those new strategies into action [Grow].

Only when professional learning is entirely personalized and embedded into classroom practice can it become impactful and shift teaching and learning to meet the needs of every student. Take an in-depth look at LINCspring– request a free trial account today. Then you’ll see why we call LINCspring the world’s first transformational learning platform for professionals.

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