Boost Your Professional Development with LINCspring's Game-Changing Upgrades

Teachers Connecting-1As the year comes to a close, we are thrilled to share the remarkable strides made by Learning Innovation Catalyst (LINC) in enhancing our flagship coaching and professional learning product, LINCspring. Over the past year, LINC has dedicated extensive time and effort to refining and perfecting this innovative solution.

The improvements to LINCspring are truly noteworthy. Users can now enjoy a significantly enhanced user interface and an improved overall experience. The learner experience in the Tinker phase of the Cycle has been carefully redesigned to maximize engagement and effectiveness. Moreover, the Cycle screen has undergone a transformation to ensure seamless mobile accessibility.

LINC has also focused on empowering educators with a redesigned Learner Dashboard, providing a clear and comprehensive view of key user data in a user-friendly format. Coaching has been further emphasized and strengthened, with improved visibility and easier access for educators to reach out for support. The introduction of submission tracking is enabling coaches to deliver more timely feedback to educators than ever before.

LINCspring now offers lightning-fast page load times, boasting a remarkable 20% improvement. Organizational branding is also now featured for clients that require it.

If you haven't experienced the power of LINCspring yet, we warmly invite you to request a Trial Account. Take the opportunity to explore a few Cycles and witness firsthand how LINCspring can transform your professional learning and coaching experience.

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