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Rohiatou Siby

Rohiatou Siby is a dance educator with over a decade of experience in both traditional school settings and renowned performing arts institutions. In addition to teaching, she has coached arts, world language, and athletics teachers at the elementary and middle school levels. After receiving her B.F.A in Theater Arts/Dance from her beloved Howard University, Rohiatou graduated from Lincoln Center Scholars’ inaugural cohort and recently obtained her Masters in Educational Leadership. Follow her on Twitter @Siby_Rohiatou.

Many families are concerned about providing their children with enriching learning experiences during the summer months while offering them well-rounded, out-of-classroom adventures. Families most ...

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During a recent car ride to New York, I sat in the passenger’s seat while the driver kicked the speed up several notches out of my comfort zone, to better accommodate our time schedule. After ...

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In the spring, like most teachers, I scrambled to find ways to engage my students. As a dance teacher, students enjoyed my class in the school building. Due to alternate-day schedules, students would ...

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Have you ever wondered why you can recall the lyrics from jingles you sang along to as a child? For instance, most 80s babies will remember, “My buddy, my buddy. Wherever I go he goes.” This is not ...

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