What does LINC do?

Collectively, LINC has been working on classroom innovation for a long time.  We’ve noticed that one of the biggest pain points in school transformation is effectively engaging and preparing teachers and leaders for the dramatic shifts in the world that impact student readiness for life.

We’ve also noticed that schools are spending billions of dollars and lots of time on traditional professional development that barely maintains the status quo in terms of student outcomes: Students are disengaged, teachers are disempowered, and professional learning has lost its joy.

LINC is flipping the model.  Instead of measuring teacher development in seat hours, we measure our shared success by what’s happening in the classroom.  Increases in engagement, increases in student agency, new teaching strategies, less teacher talk time, more 1:1 time, and small group work with students. LINC's approach to professional learning recognizes teachers as agents of classroom transformation, not objects of it.

At the start of every LINC partnership, we talk in-depth about what your school team wants to see at the end of our engagement.  Steven Covey called this “Beginning with the end in mind.”  From your outcomes, we work to backward-design the interventions that will be needed to achieve that vision.  What will leaders, coaches, teachers, and paraprofessionals need to learn, experience, and implement to bring that vision to life?

Through our work at LINC, we see the emergence of transformed schools and classrooms that are engaging, equitable, and student-centered.  We see increases in educator vitality. And we see welcoming, challenging, and vibrant learning communities where every learner's needs are met.

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