Supporting You in Moving from Anxiety to Zen

AdobeStock_224013547January 2022  hasn't turned out quite the way we all had hoped.  Several months ago, when things seemed to finally be turning a corner, I started to breathe again and thought things would continue to improve. Sadly, we seem to be re-evaluating things in light of Omicron.

I have the opportunity to regularly connect with educators and leaders. My colleagues and I at LINC hear you and we see your struggles. Staff shortages. Sickness. Students’ and teachers’ social and emotional health issues. Not to mention an overall sense of anxiety and overwhelm. There are no simple answers to how we get through a challenging time like this. At LINC, we are here to listen and provide support to help you, even in the smallest of ways.

Our latest LINC resource, From Anxiety to Zen, A Mindfulness Guide for Educators, is a new ebook. This guide, spearheaded by Cassondra Cordin-Thaddies, LINC’s Director of Transformational Coaching, is full of thoughtful and expansive resources to support you to discover a mindfulness practice that works for you. Extensive research demonstrates the value of mindfulness in allowing us to detach from non-beneficial thoughts and practices. Instead, mindfulness creates space for clarity, more positivity, and an increase in gentle moments for ourselves. These outcomes are something we could all use more of right now!

AdobeStock_286663433Mindfulness encompasses many practices beyond yoga and breathing and has a myriad of benefits, as outlined in From Anxiety to Zen. I love to start my day with a short meditation practice, often focused on gratitude for my health and well being. It helps me launch each morning with a sense of positivity in the face of so many challenges, from struggling children to fears of getting sick.

I invite you to delve into From Anxiety to Zen, A Mindfulness Guide for Educators. I’d love to hear if you find the resources valuable and what you are doing to build a mindfulness practice. Let us know about other ways we can support you in these difficult times. We see you, we hear you, and we are working to support you.

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