How to Do Summer Professional Learning and Have Fun Doing It!

AdobeStock_426798023-1Summer can be a point of contention for many educators. While some choose to work summer school, another job, or simply relax, the usual consensus is to take a well-deserved break. If you’re anything like me, I used to struggle with summer boredom and started finding ways that I could still have my peace but also continue learning and honing my craft at my own leisure.

Below are some ideas and starting points for professional summer learning opportunities, keeping in mind the importance of educators having fun, and helping make back-to-school easier!

Check out some go-to podcasts. Relax by the pool with:

Professional learning:

Man on LaptopBooks & Blogs for voracious readers:

In all seriousness, I encourage you to set boundaries and find your peace. However, if you find enjoyment in engaging in summer professional learning, go for it! If you need a brain break, also go for it. You know your capacity, and always remember to never pour from an empty cup.

Have a great summer! If you have other suggestions for summer PD opportunities, please share them with me via email at ​​


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