Introducing the Accelerating Student Learning Series

From Pandemic to ProgressOur team at LINC is working with educators across the globe on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine education, enabling all learners to meet their full potential. This collaborative team effort has resulted in a “Pandemic to Progress'' professional development strategy based on six key actions to support post-pandemic teaching and learning:

  1. Build a culture and mindset focused on equity that recognizes and builds on student assets
  2. Address the trauma that students and staff have experienced by intentionally building community and addressing SEL upon re-entry, and in an ongoing, integrated way
  3. Plan for acceleration, not retention, with high expectations and targeted instruction for all students
  4. Address the individual needs of all students through a renewed focus on personalized learning- leveraging the innovation, devices, curriculum and skills that were acquired during the pandemic
  5. Upgrade assessment practices for equity and student ownership, with increased opportunities for feedback and revision
  6. Create leaders who understand next-generation learning and who empower teacher agency, innovation, and risk-taking to create future-forward classrooms

Starting next week, we will share a 6-week series where we will focus on one of the action steps, introducing resources and strategies for implementing it. Throughout the summer, we will launch new LINCspring cycles, LINCstream Live workshops, blogs, and additional resources to support you in getting ready for a post-pandemic school environment. 

As a starting point, I invite you to take this Assessment to determine your readiness for implementing these six steps. Upon completion, you will receive personalized recommendations to accelerate learning in summer school, intervention programs, and during the instructional day. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what other supports you need as we strive towards creating student-centered, equitable, and personalized post-pandemic classrooms. You can email me at or find me on Twitter at @jenniferawolfe. And check back here for some great, upcoming blogs and resources!

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