Empowering Students - Student Tech Support Teams: A Win-Win Solution

Students supporting technologyIn the era of digital education, technology issues are inevitable. You’ve probably found yourself troubleshooting tech problems when you could be focusing on lesson planning or one-on-one student instruction. One innovative solution to this dilemma is creating opportunities for students to be a Student Tech Support Representative. This not only helps manage tech issues more effectively but also offers a fantastic opportunity for students to develop valuable skills.

Getting Started

Introduce the Concept: 

  • Discuss with your students the idea of having a student tech support role. Highlight its benefits, such as developing problem-solving skills, gaining tech knowledge, and fostering leadership.

Collaborate on Name of Team/Roles

  • Have some fun with this. Have students come up with a creative name for the team and roles. In our team meeting we were challenged to name our own departments in four words or less. 

Selection Process: 

  • Depending on class size and interest, you could select one or two students, either through an application process or on a rotational basis, to ensure everyone gets a chance throughout the school year.

Dedicated Tech Support Desk/Corner: 

  • Designate a specific area in the classroom where the tech support student sits. This provides a clear visual and location for other students when they need tech help.

Develop a Simple Reporting System: 

  • Create a simple system for students to report tech issues. This could be a physical "Tech Help" box where students drop written notes or a shared digital platform.


  • Spend some dedicated time to train your student tech support representative on common issues. Create a troubleshooting guide such as this to guide students through supporting themselves or others. 

Peer-to-Peer Learning: 

  • Encourage the tech support student to share their knowledge with classmates. They can offer mini lessons on common tech problems and their solutions..


  • Recognize the contributions of your student tech support representatives. This can be in the form of verbal appreciation, certificates, or even small rewards. This recognition will motivate both the current representative and other students who might take on the role in the future.

By creating a student tech support role in your classroom, you not only address tech issues more efficiently but also provide a unique learning experience for your students. The key is to make it a dynamic and integral part of the classroom culture.

Downloadable Resource:
Looking for a sample troubleshooting guide to kickstart your own Student Tech Support program?

Click here to download our Tech Troubleshooting Guide Template.

Use this or as a guide to create your own.

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