What do Transformational Coaches do?

AdobeStock_295110698LINC’s Transformational Coaches are the key to your success as you collaborate with LINC.

First and foremost, LINC coaches engage in blended coaching to support you in your school improvement efforts.  Blended coaching is the use of digital content along with coaching support to facilitate professional learning at scale. This enables LINC to facilitate faster coaching outcomes across a larger number of teachers, allowing for personalized PD at scale. These professional learning experiences are ongoing, embedded in authentic practice, and guided by professionals and peers who can support both novice and advanced teachers as they engage with students. 

Virtual and onsite coaching sessions facilitated by LINC’s Coaches can be used at your discretion to provide personalized support to staff. These flexible coaching sessions can be utilized for office hours, support of content-area or grade-level teams, student-data analysis, classroom observations, scenario building, jigsaw teaching and modeling, co-leading meetings, and small group collaboration. 

LINC Coaches facilitate learning experiences that allow for personalized learning for educators, fostering collaboration with peers and building capacity. Coaches are available to offer workshops online and onsite to support your team.

LINC coaches also serve as a lifeline by providing timely feedback and removing roadblocks as teachers develop new skills and plan new lessons. This is particularly helpful when trying new skills, working on a learning cycle, or anytime an educator has a question for which they’d like support.

Access to LINC coaches is included in the LINCspring platform to allow users to send a direct message to a coach of their choice at any time, or to request a real-time response from any available coach during business hours, using the Coach Messenger feature. Coaches respond to messages as they are received (generally within 3 hours) during business hours. Coaches offer responses in message threads and have the capacity to share a video link for more personalized, live support if needed. Additionally, users can request to schedule a live video or audio coaching session.

Finally, coaches work with project leaders to ensure implementation is effective and that the desired outcomes are being achieved.  In feedback sessions, coaches will review your data and discuss next steps for maximizing the results of your project.

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