Who do LINC solutions support?

Professional learning is a critical element for improvement and change. But it’s essential that the team is supported as a whole– and that learning is personalized.


The capacity of school leaders plays a crucial role in determining the success of both students and teachers in the classroom. LINC prioritizes work with leaders as a strategic lever for improvement and sustained growth in school teams. To that end, LINC’s executive coaching services assist leaders  to facilitate positive mindset change, manage systemic complexities, and guide their teams to successfully reach desired goals to drive transformational change. 

Leaders are supported to:

  • Stay healthy and balanced to enable support for others
  • Reach and exceed desired goals and envisioned outcomes
  • Deepen self-awareness for effective team leadership


Instructional coaches are positioned strategically to facilitate systemic changes in classrooms, creating conditions for meaningful learning experiences for students. The presence of coaches in schools and districts represents a strategic investment in teacher success. 

LINC provides tools and resources such as LINCspring, LINC’s virtual coaching and professional learning platform, to magnify and scale the impact of coaches. Additionally, LINC provides coaching and professional learning to coaches to enhance their skills and build capacity for reaching many more teachers without sacrificing effectiveness.


Educators’ main priority is to equip students with the skills they need to succeed. We know that the most successful teaching models are those that are tailored to meet each student’s individual learning needs. 

LINC creates these personalized learning experiences for teachers. By personalizing professional learning, teachers build personal agency as a learner. They are then empowered to create similar personalized learning experiences for their students.

Teacher capacity is built through:

  • Personalized professional learning opportunities using asynchronous content to save time and increase impact
  • Virtual coaching through the LINCspring app
  • Blended workshops, both online and onsite, designed to meet the unique needs of the participants
  • Participation in LINCstream, LINC’s semi-annual global conference


The role of paraprofessionals in the classroom is incredibly important, yet often underappreciated. With guidance and support, these educators can be valuable members of any educational team. 

LINC partners with schools and districts to provide professional development opportunities for paraprofessionals so the entire instructional team is working toward your school or district goals and outcomes.  LINC will work with you to craft special supports for paraprofessionals as part of your solution.

Your comprehensive solution from LINC will embrace leaders, leverage coaches, empower teachers, and support paraprofessionals so that each student will achieve.

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